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How to Use YONO SBI App in Hindi - Yono SBI App Me Register Kaise Kare | Yono SBI Details in Hindi

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: How to Use YONO SBI App in Hindi - Yono SBI App Me Register Kaise Kare | Yono SBI Details in Hindi #YONO_SBI_in_Hindi

is video me aap janege ki yono sbi app ko kaise use kare, yono app me account kaise banaye, yono sbi app se paise kaise trasnfer kare, yono sbi app se cash kaise nikale, bina atm card ke paise kaise nikale etc.

YONO SBI, SBI’s latest mobile banking offering is an extension of our trusted banking legacy which gave India secure digital products such as SBI Anywhere and SBI Net Banking. YONO SBI puts India’s largest range of products and services at your fingertips. YONO SBI lets you bank digitally, invest, shop (be it groceries or from the latest fashion trends!), book movie tickets, vacations, flights and IRCTC train tickets with one single app.

If you have an account with SBI, use your internet banking credentials to register and log in to experience the convenience that YONO SBI brings to your life. If you do not have internet banking credentials, you can generate temporary internet banking password using your debit card, and register using the same. Once you log in after that YONO SBI is at your fingertips.

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Janaw Pansa : Thanks bro
Yogini Gunjal : Linked AC ko hamara details na deekhne ke liye kyaa karna hoga
Gurpreet Singh : thanks
sarbeswar rana : Transaction kara ne se kya paisa katega
Tenderly Diengdoh : Wonderful...but can we get pass book or just in mobile....
Vijay Paneswar : How many SBI accounts can be added in YONO app.?
I have already 2 Accounts with YONO .i.e. they are NRE and NRO accounts which in the same bank. But I have another account with SBI ( pension account) in other other city. I don't have ATM card with this account. ( my CIF # is different with this account than my existing YONO account.)
Can I add this account to my existing YONO account? and How? Please advise

please forward your advise and reply to my e mail ,if possible.(
Idrish Seikh : Debit card apply nehi Kar sakte
Nrapal Singh Rana : I am using yono app since 2september 2020 at 30sept I take another user ID  and de register mobile .after deregister mobile I formed permanent user ID and password.but when I logged yono app next Time it shows that this device is registered with username other than entered by you retry correct username if you want to login with another username deregister existing user .I have deregister mobile number four times . after deregister it goes to be login but at next login shows same problem that this device is registered with username other than entered by you .SBI online banking is login with same user ID and password.I am using vivo y12 Android mobile.please solve my problem
Biswajit Barua : Mpin kese kare
Mukesh Kumar : Good

Sally Bollywood - Saison 1 Épisode 31 - Le SBI voit double

Sally et Doowee enquêtent sur un vol de chouchou dans un casier du collège. Sur place, un certain Léo propose son aide au SBI et trouve des nouveaux indices...

Avis De Tempête Au Sbi - Sally Bollywood (EP18, S2)

Avis De Tempête Au Sbi - Sally Bollywood (EP18, S2)
Sally et Doowee ont accepté deux enquêtes assez similaires en même temps : le vol d’un collier et d’une montre dans des casiers. Les enquêtes semblent être liées et même assez faciles. Les coupables ont laissé beaucoup d’indices… sauf que les indices mènent tout droit jusqu’à Sally et Doowee. Le SBI serait coupable ! C’est en tout cas ce que titre le journal du collège. Sally et Doowee doivent alors prouver leur innocence pour que le SBI retrouve son honneur !




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