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Textleser ausführlich (ExamReader)

ExamReader ist ein Textleser für unterstützende Technologien. Detaillierte Produktinformationen finden Sie unter https://www.cpen.com/product/exam-reader/

Die Details in diesem Video gelten für ExamReader mit der Firmware-Version 7.1.64 und höher.

Unterstützte Sprachen sind: Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Italienisch, Spanisch

Händler finden Sie unter https://www.cpen.com/resellers/

Irgendeine Frage? E-Mail support@cpen.com.

C-Pen Reader Pen Review

The new Reader Pen by C-Pen raises the bar for a product in this category. The quality of speech, speed, accuracy and added features make this a pretty interesting addition to the scanning pen arena. This pen may be of interest if you are dyslexic or need to reference physical media as part of your research or studies.

You can find more information about this pen here:
Tom Hanna : Thank you for a great review. This really helped demonstrate the functions I was most curious about and will be a huge help in making a decision.
Laura Thompson : Hands down! C pen wins! My son is in college and deal with auditory processing and doesn’t comprehend a lot of text content and like dyslexia he gets text mixed around!!!!
o0LoveLove0o : I want this for my baby father. He can’t read but what amazes me is how successful he has been while not being able to read.
TechnoGlowStick : This is really cool! ^_^
I could see this as being a great language study tool!
xze : It is a shame that the exam reader and the dictionary pens are available in so many languages while the Reader pen only available in English and Spanish.

C-PEN ReaderPen 2020 update

Summary of major ReaderPen update.
New voices, new features, supports reading and literacy.
Gret Bliss : Watching him scanning right to left to read in english is making my hair curl.
JE KArtists : I’m not too sure that I like this or not. I bought one and the amount of time it takes me to run over the words and then listen to them I could’ve read it in that time I don’t really know that it’s really helping me any. If anything is taking more time
padina : it would be more feasible to have a pen reader that connects to the computer and you can mark and look up definitions on a larger screen. I personally get confused if I see only a small portion of the text. So not only I need to hear the text, I need to see the full paragraph at least! I hope they could make a more realistic speech sound programs for such tools :S
akhatar nisar : I have mine right now the school gave me because I have dyslexia problems on reading and spelling
Marlene Desnoes : Can this scan a screen? e.g. an automatic bank teller screen?


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