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Yak 15 | First generation Soviet jet

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A basic overview of the yakovlev yak-15, a plane developed along side the MiG-9 in the Soviet Unions pursuit of having its own jet fighter.
(I took the old video down and modified it, this is a re-upload. I changed the old intro to a new, shorter one. And added music throughout the video)

Yakovlev Yak-28 Soviet Air Force

First flight:
. 1958 Bomber
. 1960 Interceptor
. 1962 Trainer
. 1963 Reconnaissance
. 1967 Electronic warfare

Yakovlev Yak-36 Soviet VTOL experimental aircraft

Number built: 4 (of them one for mechanical strength test).
The first tests started in the summer of 1963 (the initial tethered flights). The first flight (horizontal take-off) on July 27, 1964

music: Rafiq Babayev - I'm Looking Everywhere (Performed By The Qaya Quartet).




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