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Sony DSC F717

For sale on eBay. Used. Works great.
Sorry that the camera being filmed is out of focus - the video camera kept focusing on the distance.

52 Cameras: Camera 53 part 1 – Sony DSC F717

See results at http://exit272.com/?cat=2

It's only 5MP but I'm kind of hooked on IR so I'll probably get a new sensor from that online auction site.

How to Capture Infrared Photos with a Magnet! and the Sony DSC F717 F707 F828

Want to start capturing Infrared, Full Spectrum, or Ultraviolet Photos? But you also want to be able to use the same camera for "normal" visible spectrum pics? Easy. You'll need a Sony DSC-F717 and a special rare earth Neodymium magnet. This hack also works for the F707 and the F828.

The special rare earth magnet enables you to temporarily convert the Sony from a normal camera into a full spectrum powerhouse, in seconds! The best magnet to use is a Neodymium rare earth magnet: 3/8" x 1" grade N52 cylinder shape. Any other size would be a trial and error approach. However be cautious to use a magnet that is too powerful because it could damage the internals of the camera. On eBay the seller 1960galaxy sells the exact perfect size magnet for under $10 shipped.

This method allows you to have FULL CONTROL over the camera when taking IR or Full Spectrum photos. (Yes, full control over aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc)

You may have heard about the Sony's infrared popularity, and of people using very dark neutral density filters while in Night Shot Mode to "attempt" daytime IR photos with this camera. That's nothing more than the myths and misdirection of urban legends that have spiraled out of control, leading far too many desperate photographers chasing elusive limey shadows. Using that crude method of ND filters and a blinding aperture results in washed-out green-cast photos that will leave you struggling through hours of photo software editing to manage.

However, the rare earth magnet method that is thoroughly explained in my video skips all of that ND/pasty green-cast nonsense, and you will be taking stunning infrared photos directly in the camera. Many of the photo examples you see in the video had no post-processing whatsoever.

I found this camera to be quite remarkable, amazingly versatile, and incredibly the best camera to begin exploring your direction into what is known as "invisible light".

Whether you intend to use this camera for creative projects, black/white infrared, false-color infrared, medical photography, forensic photography, ghost-hunting, spirit photography, or just everyday normal events in normal visible color, this camera does it all.




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