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Panel Discussion: GSA, PTAC and Tribal Nations

This Panel discussion is for tribal nations and how to market and position themselves within the federal market. Also, this panel discussion will examine the available services and a more detailed discussion of nuances and tribal-specific concerns, such as the impact of varied funding sources.

GAP FAC Acquisition Workforce Subcommittee Meeting - 1/3/23

The Acquisition Workforce Subcommittee will explore ways to advance a culture of sustainability and climate action within the acquisition workforce. This includes equipping and enabling the acquisition workforce to effectively use sustainability as a critical element in the evaluation and source selection process.

GAP FAC Industry Partnership Subcommittee Meeting - 1/4/23

The Industry Partnerships Subcommittee will investigate ways to expand a climate focus on Federal acquisition while reinforcing inclusion, domestic sourcing, small business opportunity, and innovation from an Industry standpoint. This includes identifying and addressing gaps in sustainable attributes standards for the goods and services that the Federal government buys.




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